The great influenza

Slower-progressing cases featured secondary bacterial pneumonias, and there may have been neural involvement that led to mental disorders in some cases.

Spanish flu

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Of necessity, the story begins to The great influenza around a lot, to locations all over the globe. Mass graves were dug by steam shovel and bodies buried without coffins in many places.

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Barry quoted one health official after he had failed to recruit a single volunteer: There are a lot of staggering numbers x numbers infected, y numbers dead interspersed with illustrative stories that provide a micro view of a global disaster.

It also was home to a live piggery, and poultry were regularly brought in from surrounding villages. The majority of fatalities, from both the war and the epidemic, were among young adults.

For instance, Barry relates the story of an Army camp commander World War I was the mechanism by which this disease spread so far and wide who committed suicide after failing to take proper steps to protect and quarantine his troops.

Using metaphor and analogy, Barry does a wonderful job of providing both the hard science and a simple explanation to interpret it.

The Great Influenza: The Story of the Deadliest Pandemic in History

Nursing staff, who were predominantly women, felt more inclined to celebrate the success of their patient care and less inclined to identify the spread of the disease with their own work. In the United States, no government, institution, or philanthropist even began to approach a similar level of support.

It found evidence that the virus had been circulating in the European armies for months and possibly years before the pandemic. When people read the obituaries, they saw the war or postwar deaths and the deaths from the influenza side by side. One observer wrote, "One of the most striking of the complications was hemorrhage from mucous membranes, especially from the nose, stomach, and intestine.

Welch is one of the titanic figures in American science, a stethoscope-wearing J. Why Finance Choose from a 12 or 24 month plan. Some hypothesized the flu originated in East Asia, a common area for transmission of disease from animals to humans because of dense living conditions.

I am a concrete thinker, a literalist.

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Inolder adults may have had partial protection caused by exposure to the — flu pandemicknown as the Russian flu. The general population was familiar with patterns of pandemic disease in the late 19th and early 20th centuries: For one, I rate my chances of dying in a deadly pandemic as relatively low, compared with — say — wine poisoning.

Albertan farmers wearing masks to protect themselves from the flu. The Influenza Pandemic of The influenza pandemic of killed more people than the Great War, known today as World War I (WWI), at somewhere between 20 and 40 million people.

The Great Influenza is easily our fullest, richest, most panoramic history of the subject.

John Barry – The Great Influenza

Barry, who in the past has written about both cancer and the Mississippi flood ofranges widely, from the physiology of viruses to the /5(53). The Great Influenza: The Story of the Deadliest Pandemic in History [John M. Barry] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

The definitive account of the Flu Epidemic. Monumental -Chicago Tribune. At the height of WWI/5(). Influenza Updates: was a high severity, H3N2-predominant season. Flu activity in the U.S. is low now, but expected to pick up in the Fall. CDC on Flu Vaccine: CDC’s vaccine recommendations for the flu season are now available.

John M. Barry

Summary and reviews of The Great Influenza by John Barry, plus links to a book excerpt from The Great Influenza and author biography of John M.

Barry. Mr. Barry talked about his book The Great Influenza: The Epic Story of the Deadliest Plague in History, published by Viking book discusses an influenza that spread across the globe in.

The Great Influenza: The Story of the Deadliest Pandemic in History The great influenza
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