The great gatsby tom and gatsby comparison

This is just my take on of the cars in The Great Gatsby. Marmon was an expensive car that combined sport and luxury. She always had Nick kiss her, even though he was her cousin, she still seemed to show more affection towards Nick than Gatsby. He is racist and he generally mistreats everyone he comes into contact with.

Wilson to wrongfully kill Gatsby after the death of his wife Myrtle. Gatsby and Tom are both compelled by the desire for pleasure, cynicism and greed. In hinesight as both Daisy and Tom lost the people they were unfaithful with, perhaps it is seen as a bridging of their own relationship and what was burroughed to make it into a potential harness of a lost willingness to feel open and honest with the other partner.

Alice Jurow, of the Art Deco Society of California, said that she loved the movie, but most of their members prefer more period-perfect films. Alex Sieracki March 15, at All in all, I think that the makers of the movie did a very good job replicating the book.

Unfortunately, the biggest casting mistake in the version is undoubtedly Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby. The upper-class couple, Tom and Daisy, represent the old money going downhill, while Gatsby as a self-made man represents the new money that wants the equal social status to that of the upper class.

Nick initially despises Tom and this increases as the novel goes on. Objects chosen adhered to a central theme of what the designers saw as classic Long Island. Luhrmann stated that he planned it to be more up-to-date due to its theme of criticizing the often irresponsible lifestyles of wealthy people.

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Gatsby has turned Daisy into the perfect woman and refuses to see beyond the illusion of idealism he has built around her. To me it seem to be sort of foreshadowing the accident with Myrtle or at least the same sort of idea with a car relation accident.

Daisy seems to be a character that is very calm in the book, but then in the movie Mia Farrow had a very high pitched, squeaky voice that made you want to block your ears every time she talked.

It is difficult to find any redeeming qualities with Tom. I felt this argument was more intense in the movie than the book. Costumes[ edit ] Many apparel designers were approached in collaboration of the film's costumes. Thus causing Gatsby to sink to the bottom of the pool.

It changed tone of the movie as you had little idea of the method Gatsby received his way into a status. Great Gatsby vs. Holden Caulfield The Great Gatsby written By Fitzgerald is a novel about people, mainly Gatsby’s idea of the ‘American dream’ which can be compared easily to The Catcher in the Rye By J.D Salinger.

Home The Great Gatsby Q & A Compare George Wilson and Tom Bu The Great Gatsby Compare George Wilson and Tom Buchanan. what did each man learn about his wife and how did they each react was a blow to his manhood.

He wasn't as upset about the adultery, as he was upset about who she had an affair with. To Tom, Gatsby was an upstart, an.

How to Compare Tom & Gatsby in

Tom has a string of affairs despite being married to Daisy, and is involved with Myrtle Wilson throughout Nick's summer-long friendship with the Buchanans.

An aggressive, short-tempered man, Tom wreaks continual havoc by abusing -- physically or emotionally -- Daisy, Myrtle, George Wilson, and Gatsby throughout the novel.

Tom Buchanan (Joel Edgerton) is Gatsby's antagonist. He and Daisy were married when Daisy could no longer wait for Gatsby to prove himself worthy of her. Tom is as rich, maybe even richer than Gatsby, but his money is old, he is an aristocrat with a deep sense of entitlement.

When “The Great Gatsby” was published, on April 10,F. Scott Fitzgerald, living high in France after his early success, cabled Max Perkins, his editor at Scribners, and demanded to know. In the current Great Gatsby production, Gatsby drives what appears to be a Duesenberg SJ and Tom a Auburn.

The cars are wrong for the period, but they look good on film. The cars are wrong for the period, but they look good on film.

The great gatsby tom and gatsby comparison
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